• Distance from Camping Šobec: 4 km
  • Trip duration: 10 min

Bled is certainly one of the most beautiful towns in Slovenia and the first choice of many travellers and tourists. Photographs of the lake with an islet in the middle have found their way into the most important tourist guides in recent years, and Bled has quickly become one of the most desirable destinations in Europe. When you are in Bled, a visit to the lake and the island is a real must. And remember to ring the church bell – it is said to fulfill every wish. You can also take a pleasant walk along the lake, and don’t forget to visit a café and treat yourself with the traditional Bled cream cake. Breathtaking views of the lake await at the top of the 120-metres-high rock cliff where a medieval castle is situated.

Bled is only a hop, skip and a jump away from our campsite, so take a walk to the town and make sure you take many wonderful photographs. It will take you about 35 minutes walk or 15 minutes bicycle ride to get there.