• Distance from Camping Ĺ obec: 4 km
  • Trip duration: 10 min

The pleasant town of Radovljica lies on the Sava terrace just a few kilometers away from the famous Bled. Linhart Square is the heart and soul of the town, which is one of the most beautiful old town centres in Slovenia.

There are many museums on the square, and excellent restaurants and numerous accommodation choices in the town itself. There is a park maintained along the old town centre, which is a remnant of a former Baroque park. Along the main road through Radovljica, Secession villas are spread towards the Radovljica bathing area, among which the building of the Radovljica administrative unit stands out with its colourful ornament above the entrance. Because of its ornament, it is named Little Bee.

With its sports infrastructure and its position along the traffic routes and close to rivers and mountains, Radovljica offers unlimited possibilities for recreation in all seasons.