Sanitary units

Comfort and unconditionally high hygiene standards

Spotlessly clean restrooms are a mirror of each home as well as of each tourist facility. At Camping Šobec, hygiene is self-evident and the first priority in our care for your comfort. The camp has 5 sanitary units with toilets, showers, baby changing room, washing and drying machines, dishwashing area and freezers.

Toilets and showers

Every sanitary unit

The campsite has 5 units with showers and toilets, so the nearest toilet facility is only a short walk away. All sanitary units are cleaned several times a day and we make sure they are at all times supplied with enough toiletries.

Baby changing room

Sanitary unit 1, 4

Parents with small children can use the adorable baby changing rooms where they can take care of their babies in peace.

Chemical toilet for campervans and caravans

Every sanitary unit

There is a unit for the release of chemical toilet installed for the owners of the campervans and caravans in front of each sanitary unit, so you can quickly and easily ensure hygiene. You can take care of the grey water discharge in front of sanitary unit 1, where there is a discharge channel and a pipe for clean water pumping.

Sanitary Dump Station

Outside the campsite (close to the tennis courts)

An RV dump station is a facility where wastewater from a recreational vehicle can be safely emptied into a sewer or septic system. Self-contained RV’s equipped with grey and/or black water holding tanks can be emptied at a dump station by connecting a sewer hose from the rig to the dump station input. There is also an option to fill up fresh water.

Station can be used free of charge for the guests of the campsite (tickets are given at the reception).

At the sanitary unit 2, Laundry Room
Washing and drying machines

Washing and drying machines

There are enough washing and drying machines, ensuring you will always have fresh clothes, even during a longer stay in the camp.

Every sanitary unit
Dishwashing area

Dishwashing area

You can easily wash the dishes after your meals in our dishwashing areas with hot water.

Sanitary unit 1, 2
Sanitary units for disabled visitors

Sanitary units for disabled visitors

The camp offers adjusted sanitary units for persons with disabilities.

Sanitary units

Guests have 5 sanitary units available, open based on the season:

Sanitary unit 1
02.04. - 03.10.
Sanitary unit 2
14.06. - 12.09.
Sanitary unit 3
12.07. - 12.09.
Sanitary unit 4
14.06. - 12.09.
Sanitary unit 5 (New!)
02.04. - 12.09.

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