• Distance from Camping šobec: 52 km
  • Trip duration: 53 min

Jezersko, a green valley, fenced in the east by a wreath of the Savinja Alps, which rose towards the sky sixty million years ago in a lively movement of the Earth; which is bounded by more than three hundred million years old coral reef from north to west; where in the north there is a state border with Austria, which in the new Europe no longer separates the Slovenian people here and beyond the hills to such an extent as before; where in the south the trail descends into the longest Slovenian village – Kokra, and where the oldest limestone in Slovenia was found. Due to the impermeability of its bottom at the end of the Ice Age, the valley, finally formed by a mighty glacier that disappeared ten thousand years ago, was filled by a large glacier lake, after which the place was named “Pr' Jezer” (by the lake). Later, a more modern form of the name developed – “Jezersko”. You can indulge yourself with typical local delicacies by the lake.