• Distance from Camping šobec: 120 km
  • Trip duration: 1 h 35 min

Don’t miss out on the picturesque landscape surrounding Otočec Castle, the only castle situated on a rivet islet in Slovenia. The magnificent castle park was most likely formed at the turn of the 18th into the 19th century. It displays numerous autochthonous tree species, such as black alder, white willow, black poplar, as well as some examples of exotic tree species. The Krka River is home to 32 different fish species – including many rare and endangered species. Huchen, Wels and Danube Roach are the most highly valued species in angling. The white Mute Swans are special feature of Otočec. The first pair was introduced here in 1968. The present population now numbers over 50 individuals.