• Starting and end point: parking lot at the end of the Draga Valley (46.3951N, 14.2183E)
  • Path length: 10.2 km
  • Estimated hiking time: 5–6 hours
  • Difficulty: challenging hiking trail
  • Altitude difference: 960 m
  • Marking: waymarkers and information boards

The Begunje Shepherd's path is a perfect choice for more enthusiastic hikers looking for enchanting views. You can crown your ascent with a climb to Veliki vrh, the peak of Mt Begunjščica.

The starting point for this circular route is in the Draga Valley, from where you are first taken to the mountain pasture of Preval and then on, traversing the panoramic slopes past the source of Roža, all the way to Roblek hut. From there, descend into the valley via the mountain pastures of Poljška planina and Planinica and finish in the Draga Valley.

The peak of Mt Begunjščica can be reached along a steep trail from Preval mountain pasture or along a somewhat easier route from Roblek hut. Refreshments and meals are available at the mountain pasture huts and Roblek hut.