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Dreaming of a pleasant Saturday or Sunday away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Or would you just like one mid-week day off? You are invited to Camping Šobec where a rich selection of activities for all tastes awaits, or, if you are looking for a restful time, you can enjoy sunbathing on the Sava River bank and swimming in crystal clear water. Kindly invited!

Natural lake

The Sava River


Sports grounds

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Water activities

Proximity of natural water resources provides you with many water activities. Dive in a refreshing water, play water polo with friends or simply stretch your legs on an air mattress. The crystal clear water of magic green makes all water activities a special experience. You can choose between:

  • Natural lake (1.600m2, water playgrounds)
  • The Sava Dolinka River (runs through the camp and offers quick refreshment)


Here at Camping Šobec, you will certainly never get bored. Along with the beach, the camp offers various sports grounds, fun daily events as well as playgrounds and animation for your youngest. We are certain that everyone will find something for themselves.

Camping Šobec – everything you need

In order to offer you a leisurely vacation at our campsite, we opened a restaurant with local and foreign specialities, a well-stocked supermarket, set up numerous sports facilities and several sanitary units. The camp offers everything you need for an undisturbed vacation.

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Daily visitors

The bathing season at Camping Šobec begins on 25th of June and ends on the 28th of August. The lake is open for bathing from 10am to 6pm, during which time there is a lifeguard to see to your safety. The bathing area is open when a white flag is hung out, and closed when a red flag is hung out. The bathing area does not operate in bad weather.

Day visitors pay an admission fee at the entrance, while camp guests have bathing included in the camping price.

There are changing cubicles on the beach for you to change. Bathers can use showers on the beach for showering after swimming. Visitors and bathers staying at the camp can use sanitary units Nr. 2. Bathers are responsible for their own belongings.

A swimming area of 1,600m2 is marked with a floating rope fence on the south-west part of the pond. Children under 14 years should be looked after by their parents. Non-swimmers should use enclosed swimming pools. In case organised groups of children come to bathe at the lake, the organiser authorises educators to control the children, and the latter also sign a statement confirming assumed responsibility for organised group bathing at the lake. Bathers can stay and bathe in other areas of the pond at their own risk.

Bathers can use air mattresses and play ball games in the water only in a manner that ensures their and other bathers’ safety. Motor boat rides, kayaking or canoeing are not allowed in the bathing area. Administration may exceptionally allow the use of the above vessels on the pond to clubs organising courses and competitions. Bathers use all devices at the bathing area at their own risk.

Bathers can use the sports ground by the beach for certain ball games (basketball, volleyball). During any games other bathers, and especially the camp’s guests should not be disturbed. Guests staying in the camp have priority to use sports grounds. Football is not allowed on the beach.

The beach is not a picnic area. In accordance with the municipal ordinance, open fire is not allowed. There are waste bins intended for disposal of wastes and cigarette butts. The pond is not intended for bathing dogs or fishing, so both activities are prohibited.

As a visitor, you will be able to see the effort we put into tending the bathing area and surroundings, and we expect each visitor to take care not to pollute the bathing area and water and not cause damage to devices and facilities. Otherwise, such persons will be escorted off the bathing area.

Bathers and visitors should observe the provisions of swimming and house rules, signs and orders as well as instructions provided by a lifeguard and camp staff. In the event of intentional violations, the administration may request the the violator to leave the bathing area.

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